Hiring is time-consuming and effort-intensive, especially when your need is immediate and temporary. If your organisation is often stuck in this cycle, your company needs a staffing agency to cater to your hiring needs.

This article is for business owners and HR teams who want to work with a staffing agency to understand the advantages of partnering with one. 

What is a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency provides temporary staffing solutions to companies to meet their dynamic work requirements by delivering qualified candidates in a limited period compared to traditional hiring processes.

Based on the criteria set by the company, the staffing agency shortlists employees who best fit the job description. The employees will go through stringent

screening and verifications before being allocated to the client.

The selection of the candidate is at the employer’s discretion. If the candidate is eligible and meets the job specifications, the staffing agency will conduct a direct interview with the employer to discuss the candidate’s skills and accomplishments. The candidate

will be intimated via the staffing agency and secure the job.

At W Beyond, we hire the

most qualified woman talent with vast work experience from diverse industries.

Why must companies hire through a staffing agency?

Below are the four significant advantages of working with a staffing agency


Save Time

Screening resumes take considerable bandwidth; working with a

n agency allows you to focus on your core business needs. A staffing agency has a team of highly skilled candidates who have passed the screening and documentation; hiring such candidates will reduce the time required for a company to hire an employee.

W Beyond stays abreast of changes trends in the hiring industry and understands the nuances. If you are in search of scalable

staffing solutions, we can cater to your dynamically changing hiring requirements on time.

Domain Expertise

A staffing agency has experience dealing with multiple candidates, shortlisting and hiring suitable candidates. Also, train the

m to meet industry standards. They can help you strategise and drive your organisational goals and provide you with a competent need-based workforce.

Reduce Overall Cost

A staffing agency can fulfil the immediate positions or a temporary workforce, reducing the hiring, background verification

, documentation and onboarding costs. The client company can offer a permanent position to the candidate based on their performance.

Reduced Risk

There are legal responsibilities involved with being an employer, such as taxes, insurance coverage and labour laws. Staffing agencies meet the statutory requirements and keep their clients safe from potential legal and financial risks.

There are financial risks from the operational standpoint if a team member needs to be laid off or leaves at a critical junction, and your staffing agency handles such liabilities.

Large Talent Pool

Staffing agencies have excellent access to a growing pool of talented individuals. They enable you to reach o

ut to a broader audience and find the best talent.

A single job board posted by a staffing agency receives thousands of applications, and every one of them is screened, while the client may not get the same volume or quality of applications.

At W Beyond, we ensure that we find highly capable women employees who can hit the road run

ning and

take work responsibilities from day one.

We hope this article will help you understand the major advantages of working with a staffing agency to quickly and easily hire for your workforce requirements.