Working with a staffing agency to avail temporary staffing services provides agility and cost savings to a growing business.

If you are ready to hire a staffing company and are keen to find the right one, look no further. You can start a great professional relationship with your staffing agency as they will be your support system.

Find the Right Staffing Partner.

Before finding quality employees, identify a staffing company that’s the right fit for your business. Find a company with a reputation for good business practices and a quick turnaround time. The focus is on the company’s ability to send the ‘right’ team member for your requirement. That includes ensuring that the employees have the right skills, verified credentials, and background and reference checks.

Understand if the staffing firm can provide value to you for the investment.

Each employee has a specific role and comes with an associated cost; hence the staffing firm that works closely with your organization as a business partner is what you need.

Clearly articulate your needs.

The staffing company can only fulfil your employee needs if you communicate your needs. Provide clarity about your company, clients, and business policies (dress code, leave policies, breaks, etc.), your corporate culture apart from the responsibilities and skills required for the job. The clarity provided will help the agency identify the right professional who can succeed in your company.

Even if you feel you’ve clearly defined your needs, ask the agency to restate your needs to understand if there are any gaps.

Statutory and Legal Aspects.

Apart from the above, check legal details, like PF, ESI, and taxes. The agency should confirm that the team members who service you are the staffing company’s employees for all practical purposes.

Build and Maintain a Relationship.

Finding the right staffing partner will take effort and some trial and error, but once you’ve found one, stick with them. Ensure that you keep the communication professional and adhere to your agency’s preferred method of communication (phone, email or text).

Finally, remember that your staffing company is also a business entity that needs to work with multiple clients and be patient if they take time to respond occasionally.

Remember that you can focus on growing your business with your staffing requirement taken care of. We at W Beyond believe in the spirit of partnering and ensure that we find capable women employees who can shoulder the responsibilities from day one.